About Credit Unions

Credit Unions are owned and run by their members.  Members save and many also take out loans; which helps other members as the interest on the loans help pay for the costs of running the credit union.

Credit Unions do not discriminate against people with a poor credit history or without a bank account - your savings record is the most important reference we can get about you.

If you don't need a loan, then saving with us is still a good way to save and you are helping others who may be less fortunate than you as we may be able to help them with a loan when they most need it.

Steam Ahead Credit Union Ltd. is managed and run by volunteers who give their time for free because they know that credit unions help people in the local community who otherwise may not be able to get the financial help they need.

An international movement

We are not alone!!

There are Credit Unions in 100 countries across the world.  
There are over 50,000 Credit Unions 
There are over 196,000,000 members

Source - WOCCU Web-Site (Mar 2013)