Welcome to Steam Ahead Credit Union Ltd.

Steam Ahead Credit Union Ltd. is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative that provides savings and credit services to its members.  

Anyone who lives or works in Swindon, south of the main railway line, can become a member of the Credit Union.  It costs £1 to become a member and you can then start to save regularly; the amount you save and how often is up to you.

What could you save for?

You can save for anything you like - things you really need, or for something special.  Our members have saved for the following:
- Overdue bills - a new hobby
- Car Repairs - holidays
- Christmas - weddings
- School uniforms - school trips
- Season Ticket to watch Swindon Town (or your favourite team)

You could also qualify for a loan

Loans are very competitively priced and we can look at smaller loans than banks or buildings societies would normally consider.  A loan from us could be a much cheaper way of paying for consumer goods such as a new washing machine, fridge or T.V. than 'buying' a similar product from a weekly payment store. Most loans are also covered by free loan protection insurance so that the loan is paid off if the member dies. (Terms and conditions apply.) After just 12 weeks of regular saving you could qualify for a small loan that might make life easier.  Or you could continue to save regularly for a longer period and apply for a larger loan. For more information - click on the Getting a Loan link.  

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